Learning about the Forms of Excessive Head Sweating

Published: 05th May 2010
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Excessive head sweating is a problem that may be bothering you but if you will take the time to learn about this embarrassing condition, you will realize that you are not a hopeless case. There is a solution that you can provide yourself to get rid of this unwanted and excessive body difficulty.

It is important to know that excessive head sweating or cranial facial hyperhidrosis happens to a number of people around the globe. You are not alone in facing this terrible situation. Cranial facial hyperhidrosis can be primary or secondary. Having the right information regarding these two forms can help you a lot in knowing how to handle your over the limit perspiration and solve the problem if possible

Primary Hyperhidrosis:

The primary form of excessive head sweating is more common and can easily be managed. It is basically characterized by overactive sweat glands without a necessary underlying condition. Because of the fact that the excessive sweating is not a symptom of any other disease, the remedy can range from the use of topical antiperspirants as well as a change in diet and lifestyle.

Maintaining proper hygiene is also part of the management of the condition. Staying away from caffeine which can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system is also recommended to reduce overdone sweating. Through this, too much perspiration in the head can be reduced and limited using natural methods that are safer and can prove to be more effective in the process.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis:

The secondary hyperhidrosis form is a condition that is triggered by an underlying medical condition. This means that the excessive head sweating is caused by another disease that exists in the body. The most common underlying condition that can start overdone sweating is thyroid disorder or diabetes. It can also be an indication of a cardiovascular disease or other life-threatening illnesses which is the reason for over the top head sweating. In these cases, it is a must to visit a physician and learn if your hyperhidrosis is caused by another illness.

In the case of the secondary form, the doctor can give you the best advice possible. Visiting a medical expert and learning more about your condition can help you get the best option if you have a disease which triggers severe head sweating.

Excessive head sweating can come in different forms. It can be as simple as too much activity in the sweat glands or as grave as an underlying medical condition. No matter what the cause of your excessive head sweating may be, there is an alternative that is available for you. In order to get the best options for the relief of overdone head sweating that can be irritating and unmanageable, you have to know the basis of your condition and start from that. Once you are able to determine whether it is primary or secondary hyperhidrosis, finding the solution to your excessive head sweating will be easier for you.


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