Origins of Excess Facial Sweat

Published: 03rd June 2010
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There are certain procedures persons with this condition can consider as a means to alleviate and control their hyperhidrosis, but let ensure that artificial treatments are a last resort. Most times these procedures may control your sweating too much that when engaging in regular physical activity your body may not be able to produce and control its regular cooling mechanisms.

Before looking into treatments to help manage excessive facial sweating it is best to first understand its origin. The sympathetic central nervous system controls your involuntary bodily functions. If you experience a spinal cord injury, you may also experience a large amount of sweating in certain areas of your body like your palms, the soles of your feet and face. This is a side-effect of that damage. Excessive sweating is also a product of certain stimuli like anxiety or surprise which flushes your skin in red and produces sweat.

Anxiety attacks or bouts of nervous behaviors are most likely a psychological problem. When you experience these emotions your body responds appropriately but sometimes your body reacts similarly without stimuli and these cases are dubbed as a condition such as facial hyperhidrosis. No matter how often you dry your face you realize the sweat still develops rapidly and excessively.

If you do not have any underlying medical problems and still experience facial hyperhidrosis, consulting a dermatologist or doctor is best. Specifically, consult a doctor that specializes in the area of lymph nodes since thyroid problems may exist. This could actually be producing the excessive and unstoppable facial sweating.

Your doctor or physician may propose certain remedies for your condition which vary and should be dealt with the utmost understanding. You may opt to go under the knife by having selective surgery that may permanently halt excessive facial sweating. Surgeons will have to sever the sweat glands within your face to halt the sweating process, but you must remember that sweating is a natural function of the body and if tampered with, your body may find it difficult to cool itself down and risk overheating. This could unfortunately lead to facial strokes.

The extremes of surgery should your last choice because the risks are so high. But there are other treatments that may help. Facial creams that are developed for the condition can be applied to the face to help diminish the frequent and excessive sweating. These anti-sweat creams block and clog your pores to keep sweat from escaping. Try to avoid constantly touching your face after applying any cream. You may end up scratching your face which could leave to an infection as cream and sweat come in contact with an open wound.

There are many other remedies to soothe and control excessive facial sweating that are within budget and are not drastic in terms of having surgery. These treatments should be sought out and each should be tried for a period of time until one works best for you. Living with facial hyperhidrosis does not have to be a lifelong pain.


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