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Published: 26th April 2010
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For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, it is quite embarrassing and if left untreated or unregulated for the longest time, it could affect the professional and social lifestyle of the person involved and it could continue for a lifetime. Sweating on any part of the face is called facial hyperhidrosis or excessive facial sweating and this often comes out in combination with blushing.

Facial hyperhidrosis can come on any age and despite the fact that it may sound ordinary, it is indeed a serious medical condition. Because of it, proper diagnosis and medications should be sought. However, medications are dependent upon the seriousness of the condition and the factors that triggers it. Here are ways to beat excessive facial sweating the earliest possible time:

1. Seek an aid of a psychologist. This should be done if excessive sweating occurs after the person experiences a certain emotion such as happiness or if it exists after a certain mental state or condition like anxiety.

2. If it is purely physical, the following may be of help:

- Specialized creams for sweating disorders

- Over-the-counter antiperspirants for milder facial hyperhidrosis

- Beta-blockers

- Clonidine which is an alpha blocker and works as a vascular stabilizing medication so that constriction of the vessels will be prevented.

- Anti-perspirant gel which can also serve as an invisible protection against sweating by applying a thin layer on the surface.

- Biofeedback which is a process of being exposed on the different physiological functions using instruments that provide information regarding the activities of those systems with a goal of manipulating them at will. This helps in training people to improve their health by controlling certain bodily processes that normally happen involuntarily. This process can also be tried for facial hyperhidrosis even if it has not been evidently found to be very helpful.

- Acupuncture which is a known process of inserting and manipulating needles into certain points in the body to release tension, relieve pain or purely for therapeutic purposes.

- Iontophoresis which is a technique of delivering a medicine or drug through the skin using an electrical current to stimulate or interrupt sweating. This can also be an alternative method for those undergoing sweating disorders.

- Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. It is highly effective for those having excessive facial sweating disorders and has cured 98% of patients. It is generally performed through small keyhole incisions and locating sympathetic nerves in the thoracic cavity. Once the sympathetic nerves are located, the surgeon either cuts, clips or resects it.

These are just few of the many medications you can find in stopping and treating facial hyperhidrosis. With the proper treatment and guidance of known professionals in the field and in choosing the right medications for you, you will be able to beat excessive facial sweating at the soonest time possible. This can be of help in creating a more confident you.


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